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  1. john says:

    I’d like to convert a 40g water heater from gas to electric, possibly by putting an electric element in the drain. I saw your I saw your message on iwilltry.org, and am interested to see your results. What kind of results did you get with the 120v/750w element? Best regards

    “I recently did a conversion of my 240 volt/3000 watt 60 gallon water heater to 120 volt/750 watt. I’ll post some pictures and explanations at flatteningthecurve.”

    • Hi John:

      Thanks for your interest. I’ll post some Toronto Hydro TOU charts. March 2011 I replaced the 3000watt/240 bottom element with a 1500/240 watt element. Running it @ 120 volt gives the bottom element a 375 watt rating. During the week the timer is set from 7pm to 7am. During the weekend it runs form 7pm friday to 7am monday morning. This makes for a very flat graph. We never run out of hot water.



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